Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weird weather. Weird temperature.

Weather's acting up the past few days. At noon it's scorching hot, breezier but not that freezing after sunset. Nothing new. We have four seasons. Warm, Hot, Drizzle-Rain, Storm. Lol. Scrap out the storm though. It's something I really don't appreciate.


I love both summer and rainy seasons. But i really appreciate how the rainy season allows me to mix-and-match summer clothes with warming clothes to layer up.

Initially, I just wanted to wear this skirt which I bought from a thrift-scape months back along with my shirt and belt-of-the-month.

Thrifted Skirt. SM Dept. Store Woven Belt. Accessorize Bangles.
Then I saw my mum's vest hanging in my closet. I tried it on, and was quite satisfied how it's print worked well with my skirt's print (at least, in my opinion).

Considering the fickle weather that I deal with every single day, it has been part of my daily routine to squash in my bag any cover-up i feel like bringing with me (this explains all those i-was-kept-inside-the-bag-wrinkles).

Warehouse Blazer. Mum's Vest. SM Dept. Store V-neck Shirt.
It was quite a long day today (which I wanted to end ASAP). But each time I spend with the boyf, makes me wanna stop the ticking of the clock (excuse my corn).

There goes the photographer modeling for his cam.

Later Loves


We look dead serious in these photos, but we're total retards when you get to hang with us.

On Boyf

Polo - Ralph Lauren

Jeans - Vans

Plimsole - Urban Outfitters

Monday, August 30, 2010

Rain, rain, and some more.

 At long last! My very first blogger post. It's been a year or two since i've lurked around fashion blogs inspiring myself from various icons to come up with my very own. But with all the things going on, its just now that i have the time to sit down and share something about my fickle fashion and my novice styling stints for my ever talented photographer boyf.

This, by far is my favorite look for the week. It's casual and "relaxed" (no-heels week), and above all those, it has a touch of blue. Maybe it's just me looking back how blue my high school uniform and my university jacket was. Oh, makes me feel like 16 again.
Ruffled lacey top from People are People. Oxfords from Shoeoology. Blue Cardigan from Zara Basics.
 It was a perfect sunny day when I decided to put on this ruffled top. This was the second time I wore this blouse. I wasn't really in the artsy fartsy mood so I decided to paired it with my good old jeans and finished the look with tan shoes and accessories. Just when I was about to leave the house for work, I ran back in my room and grabbed my blue cardi knowing that when the clock hits between 1600 and 1700, rain's gonna start falling. Voila!

It did rain. But yea, i love it when it rains. Brings me back to feeling od walking-under-the-rain-while-window-shopping-along-oxford st. lol

later loves <3