Monday, April 16, 2012

Almost A Year

It's been a almost a year since my last post on fashion and personal stuff here in my blog. Has anyone missed me, I wouldn't know. But if there's any, THANK YOU! Did I miss doing outfit posts, DEFINITELY!

My lifestyle's real different now... but I missed this kind of pace--- when all you think of is work and how to do better. Sadly, I cannot afford to do daily outfit posts now since we are required to wear a uniform. *sob *sob BUT of course, we always have our ways. I go to work sporting playful make-up and/or nails. I do away with the boring clothes by making it up with my eyes, lips, nails and by accessorizing.:)

With this, let me share to you my previous #worklookoftheday and my current staple at work (this' gon be quick) ;)

Staple: White wrist watch, LiveStrong Baller, Studded White Leather Cuff and My Wrist Tattoo.
My pastel coloured nails with odd-one-out. :)
And my current addiction: super pink lippies. :)
Here we go again, down to my parting words. :) But I will not make any promises to myself I can't keep. I just hope that I'll have nuff words and thoughts and encounter to share ---

--- oh, and to those who're mad about the #TeamAzkals, we are having them on the 20th, this Friday at the Atrium here at SM City Marikina featuring Aly Borromeo, Anton Del Rosario, Chieffy  Caligdong, and Jason Sabio in line with placing 3rd on the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup! (:

Jason Sabio
Chieffy Caligdong

Anton Del Rosario
Aly Borromeo
 These images were borrowed from The Azkals News. The rights belong to their respective owners. :) #excited