Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Waisted" Time

Hello lovelies!

How was your day?

While I wonder how my day would go if I were a different person from a different place and time, my day was pretty much average. Same ole me...breakfast-work-net-browse-browse-dinner-playtime with dog-sleep.
Original Photo
Got a little bored at work. Nothing much to cram and such, so after finishing my tasks, I played around photoshop and I changed the background of this photo and turned it into a scenic photograph (*i think) .
--- yes, that's the work of not having much to do.

Today, I wore my recent thrift find. I've confessed couple of times now my obsession with culottes or skort or a skirt with the shorts' partition (lol). And join me as I welcome these to my growing collection:
--- see that division by the crotch? :) *sigh* i just love wearing these kind. It feels breezy just like the usual skirt but comfy-er coz my logs (commonly known as legs) don't rub that much (which happens to be SO irritating especially with our humid weather).

'til next post loves!

The Photographer's Girl

Monday, September 27, 2010

For the Lack of Time

Hello Everyone!!! :) Wasn't able to share my look yesterday (didn't get to take pictures of my -long- day). I took my dog to the vet for the yearly check up and grooming, then visited the salon and said hello to a straighter hair-do.

me and my straight hair
Today's the start of the week, and thank goodness i'm all over the tummy aches! On a better note, I think I lost a lil weight over the weekend (hah! not the good way though). Hope Monday madness was kind to all of you. As for me, it wasn't that bad. Actually, it went just right, except for the lack of decent sleep - but glad it's over. I wore something more like my usual friday chic-sneak look. I had to dress up quickest I could coz, yes, I overslept again!

I got this top in all colors I'm comfortable wearing. It's my closet's basic essential. It's more like rich salmon than orange. I just didn't know which color to pick from the default palette (lol).

Anyway, I decided to tuck it in my thrifted culottes, simple thin belt and my plaid Sperry Top Sider Boat shoes (gifted by my boyf).

I was supposed to wear layers of chain necklaces but rather saw the stack of bangles near the exit door of our house, so there. :) Plain and chic.

The shots were taken by my boyf, and we took it along the hallway of my workplace - just the right time when no one's there to see (coz, i get really conscious... lol). After taking decent photos for my blog, we tried to do a couple of jumpshots:

Jumpshots.... FAIL! But had so muchfun!

'til next post!, ThePhotographer'sGirl xx

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fishy Satrudays

I'd often plan the whole week on what to do during the weekends. But week's strain would always push me back to bed killing morning and early afternoon's of my Saturdays. I still manage to get things / plans done regardless of the time constraint.

Having said so leads to the fact that yes i didn't wake up in time for lunch, in time to go on a thrifting spree and in time to attend to my dog's health needs (will have these, or some of it scheduled tomorrow and sometime this week :) -- must-shop!!!). The only thing I managed to do is go with Dexyboy to his org's exhibit in Tiendesitas to take photographs of the award-wining betta's :) That being said, I chose to dress down and just pull in my shorts under these oversized jersey shirt from mum's closet (full details in my chictopia post).

shirt from mum's closet; topshop shorts; forever 21 mustard socks and thrifted lace-up boots
this was a candid shot taken while I was getting more conscious of the people looking at me
That's all for now lovelies!

I'm planning to post more on the geek-oh prep series I came up with weeks ago. Still thinking of an ensemble though. :),
The Photographer's Girl

Thursday, September 23, 2010

From Tummy to Fishy!


Had a long day spent back in my former workplace (abs-cbn). I accompanied my colleague for photo shoot and interview supporting the remake of an old soap. Anyway.. That's not the highlight of my day, my tummy was! ha ha ha

I think cold war took place in my tummy and I had to suffer forcing myself to throw up and such. Won't go down the details. Yes. Too much of something isn't good. Can get embarrassing. KFINEBYE. lol

ANYWAY (with all seriousness), after I bid my so-long-my-friend-well-see-each-other-again, I went to Tiendesitas to check out my Asian Betta Alliance's Exhibit - in partnership with PAHLS. This is an org my boyfriend's been part of since 2006, remembering it right. And I fell in love with it just when my boyf introduced it me when we were just a fresh couple. :) I even used these betta's as an inspiration for my thesis mainly for it's color and grace - reminds me so much of fabrics and patterns. ( check out Asian Betta Alliance and the lovely betta's)

Oh! Our lovely pup, Barguette, joined us that night!

Look at how fashionable our lovely baby is:

And how she's working her angles ( hahaha )...

'til she got so bored...

I just can't stop sharing things about our dear barguette! She's the sweetest, and very quiet (quite rare for chi's). :)

Anyway, here's what I wore from "work," "tummy fight" and fighting fish and then some exhibit :

I went for a simple gray blouse i've kept for a while, and paired it with jeans. wore my favorite belt and my tow-tone oxfords, and to keep me warm (abscbn's studio gets really chilly after some time) i brought along my favorite bow cardi <3

Despite that cold war with my tummy, I must say that I enjoyed my day with Barguette, Dexyboyf and the fishies <3
The Photographer's Girl

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Monday New Day, Wednesday Free Day

Dexter Litonjua Photography

Wore this to work last monday.

I knew I was going to be very busy that day that's why i didn't bother to gear up head to toe. Darkened my eye shadow for this shoot though. :)

While Monday was busy-desk-task, Tuesday was run here and there for me that's why I chose to keep it simple with loose shirt and leggings which I forgot to capture. Given it's basic-ness, I know you guys get the picture.

I enjoyed Wednesday, though. After going to globe service center, we went past Terranova on our way to the carpark and they were on Renovation sale. Knowing all the knits and cover ups they offer, I gave it a shot, and look at what I got:

Navy blue knitted sweater for only P195.00 ( >/< $4 ) ! Love it! While looking around, I;d always take a second look on the prices written in red, coz they're really low. More like 70-90% off the original price, if not mistaken!! <3

Before this fab find, I was wearing my gray topshop cardi (apologies for not taking a picture). But I was just so happy with my find, I had to wear it right away! <3,
The Photographer's Girl

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shoulder Pads

Hi Lovelies!

Hope your sunday sundates went well like mine.

Finally got my good night’s rest and still managed to go on a thrifting adventure AND late-notice photo shoot for a friend.
Since I’m on the go, I just brought this pair of heels with me to the shoot’s location and wore my two-year-old raggedy White River Island patent plimsoles most of my walking time (wore it out for a year, explains the wrinkly texture). I was just in my graphic tee and jeans when boyf and I went thrift store hunting. slipped my blazer just in case :)

The thrifting adventure went well. Scored great pieces which I’m excited to style and share. :) The photo shoot was fun too! We didn’t take that long taking pictures of our friends who will be sent to Korea and perform Filipino Instrumental Classics (photo here . While I was there, I got to bond with baby Alex, my friends’ pretty and smart daughter! Ugh, she’s growing up so fast, and made me realize I’m no longer a kid (BUT have the freedom to feel like a kid, HAH! :p )

Anyway, Work week’s ahead and gotta go to bed. Will post the pictures from the photoshoot next time coz it's in raw file and will take time to load 'em up and convert.

Thank you for all your sweet notes and for following! It inspires me to explore and play with my style and post my works even more !

Photo Taken by Dexter Litonjua
After the Photoshoot :),

The Photographer's Girl


Style and Cram

Hi dears !

Hope all is well with all of you. :)

This has been a busy week for me that I had not updated my blog as much as i've updated my chictopia. Sp here goes my updates for the following days I've missed.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010:

Chictopia: Venomous Villains

random brand black puffed sleeves; thrift store-score floral skirt; parisian
peep-toe heels

Work meant cram for me this day. Had deadlines to meet but I smiled it all away with my sinister lip tint. It's from the venomous villain collection of mac, and I seriously want to collect more in this shade from other brands. This shade brought me back in time that’s why I decided to wear something vintage-ish like this skirt I scored from a thrift store way back. It’s been long since that last time it came out of my closet. I pulled out my black puff sleeved blouse and tucked it in. I didn’t want to go vintage all the way (or maybe I should say that I couldn’t think of any vintage blouse I have that would mix well with the skirt at that moment). I accessorized a little and dug in a sea of shoeboxes to look for this peep toe heels I haven’t worn for ages.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chictopia: Stranded.

Had quite a day. Thank God it went by fast. Had to commute going to work. It was not hassle free - long walks under the fiery midday sun, thick smokes from irritating jeepneys and crazy drivers. I enjoyed commuting again after a long while, though. 

Anyways, this is what the adventure caused my outfit – wrinkly-di-boop! My shorts’ fabric wrinkles easily that I look like I grabbed it straight from the dryer. Oh well. Sorry for that. I didn’t dress up that much and wore flats expecting that I’d be walking a lot today.

I got stuck in my office bldg that night. Good thing boyf was there to keep me company. Was smart enough not to carry an umbrella with me that day despite the changing weather. Instead of getting home by 9, we left work around 11 just coz the rain was so hard and we had nothing to cover us up.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Chictopia: Cram and Mustard

I wore my favorite mustard shorts (culottes) last friday. I feel like ti brightens up my day and i think it made me “stand-out” amongst those in their typical gray suits. To tone down the brightness, I wore a white shirt with a black cardigan tucked in it. Yes, I’m wearing my favorite patent brogues too! :)

Anyway, I had to cram lotsuv stuff that day that there was little time left to bond with my girls. So decided to get some coffee with boyf instead. More like a relaxed Fridate :)
The Photographer's Girl

Bow and Narrow

Heyya lovelies ! :)

Had a really LONG day! It all started with immersing myself too much on psychology books. For some reason, I just love reading ‘em and all the explanations I get. I specifically love developmental psychology-i don’t want to go on details why as this might go on forever. And so just when I felt like sleeping there came the sun dragging me away from bed. Knowing that I will be meeting with friends after lunch (that is – 3 hours from that point), I tried not to give in to the bed’s invitation – but my eyes were way too heavy. If you’re thinking I slept all the way through the day, guess again… i managed to meet up with my friends despite having less than four hours of uncomfortable sleep. But it was all worth it, I missed them so muchPLUS i got to bond with my godson :)

Anyway, since I was literally rushing in daze when I got up to meet with my friends, I had less time to think about my outfit for the day. But I thank my fickle mind for leaving some great pieces scattered on my “spare” bed from previous “outfit-planning” that I just had to pick up this Primark pinstriped high-waisted shorts, tucked in my ever reliable beige tee and pulled in my comfy beige soles. just when I was about to grab my bag and nag my boyf to fly the car, I felt my outfit was too plain. so I grabbed my recently purchased cardi from forever 21 along with a number of bangles, and my favorite red bow ring to style it up a bit.

After bonding with friends, I spent time with my family (blame on them, lol).


We were so into talking about lots of things that time went past us and there goes the silly sun saying “hey, you’re still up? you have plans and appointment later, right? how bout, don’t go to bed and just wait for your boyf to come?” UGH!!!! gotta sleep, even just for another few hours.

Hope you still like my hazy dazy style :)

Have a great sunday everyone! :)


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Graphics and a Graphitea!

Hi there friends! Hope all is well and you all had a great day.

I'm pretty much "busy" juggling a double life. (lol, don't take it as multiple personality disorder, k?!) In the morning, I have to report to work be creative as much as I can, and deliver to my fullest. At night, I have to be the best daughter I can be to my mom, running paper errands for her, along with fulfilling me obligations to my dog, bargie (she's like the baby in our family, yeah i know). With all these, I do most of the paper works and sourcing for my boyf's photography services in between. And the only thing that saves me from all the fuzz is my sacred time in the mall window shopping, fitting, and eventually - shopping. :)

Done with blabber ranting, this is what I wore to work yesterday. Pretty much a casual, comfortable look for everyday.

My top's a polka-dotted sweater/jumper I scored from my recent ukay spree in makati cinema square. It's oversized and I love how versatile it is. I was actually planning to wear it as a dress with a crisp white long-sleeved polo underneath, belted and topped off with red heels. But opted for the i-can-run-around look instead. So here, I am wearing my 2 year old flats that i used to walk around the cities of england. :)
I also wore my favorite red accessories and my camera ring:

Anyway, I've mentioned in my chictopia account that I will be posting some of my humble works. I seriously think that it really isn't that much of an effort specially to those who's life is spent on creating digital spectacle, yet I feel proud that I took the time to start it...and finish it. Your comments will be much appreciated.

1. Photo Enhancing

Photo by Dexter Pat C. Litonjua
2. Layout/s
Layout for DPCL. Photos by Dexter Pat C. Litonjua
Layout for DPCL. Photos by Dexter Pat C. Litonjua
Perspectives Photo Exhibit. Photo by Dexter Pat C. Litonjua

3. Logo/s

4. Vanity (lol)

That's it for now. Those are pieces I worked on years back. My first time to share it online :)

Oh, here's what I wore today:

It was a casual day, but didn't opt for plain shirt and jeans ensemble so here, I decided to wear my graphitee tucked and belted in my culottes. Instead of wearing heels, I went for my long kept corso como diamond collection flats, which I got for 70% off a year ago. I wanted my feet to feel relaxed once in a while. :)

That's all for now! Off to watching tv as I read what you have to share.