Thursday, September 23, 2010

From Tummy to Fishy!


Had a long day spent back in my former workplace (abs-cbn). I accompanied my colleague for photo shoot and interview supporting the remake of an old soap. Anyway.. That's not the highlight of my day, my tummy was! ha ha ha

I think cold war took place in my tummy and I had to suffer forcing myself to throw up and such. Won't go down the details. Yes. Too much of something isn't good. Can get embarrassing. KFINEBYE. lol

ANYWAY (with all seriousness), after I bid my so-long-my-friend-well-see-each-other-again, I went to Tiendesitas to check out my Asian Betta Alliance's Exhibit - in partnership with PAHLS. This is an org my boyfriend's been part of since 2006, remembering it right. And I fell in love with it just when my boyf introduced it me when we were just a fresh couple. :) I even used these betta's as an inspiration for my thesis mainly for it's color and grace - reminds me so much of fabrics and patterns. ( check out Asian Betta Alliance and the lovely betta's)

Oh! Our lovely pup, Barguette, joined us that night!

Look at how fashionable our lovely baby is:

And how she's working her angles ( hahaha )...

'til she got so bored...

I just can't stop sharing things about our dear barguette! She's the sweetest, and very quiet (quite rare for chi's). :)

Anyway, here's what I wore from "work," "tummy fight" and fighting fish and then some exhibit :

I went for a simple gray blouse i've kept for a while, and paired it with jeans. wore my favorite belt and my tow-tone oxfords, and to keep me warm (abscbn's studio gets really chilly after some time) i brought along my favorite bow cardi <3

Despite that cold war with my tummy, I must say that I enjoyed my day with Barguette, Dexyboyf and the fishies <3
The Photographer's Girl


  1. hahahaha I LOVE how you said "cardi" that was too funny!

  2. Hi, Cheena! It's me Pam from Chictopia. :) I hope your tummy is feeling better now :(

    sPam of frou-frou