Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bow and Narrow

Heyya lovelies ! :)

Had a really LONG day! It all started with immersing myself too much on psychology books. For some reason, I just love reading ‘em and all the explanations I get. I specifically love developmental psychology-i don’t want to go on details why as this might go on forever. And so just when I felt like sleeping there came the sun dragging me away from bed. Knowing that I will be meeting with friends after lunch (that is – 3 hours from that point), I tried not to give in to the bed’s invitation – but my eyes were way too heavy. If you’re thinking I slept all the way through the day, guess again… i managed to meet up with my friends despite having less than four hours of uncomfortable sleep. But it was all worth it, I missed them so muchPLUS i got to bond with my godson :)

Anyway, since I was literally rushing in daze when I got up to meet with my friends, I had less time to think about my outfit for the day. But I thank my fickle mind for leaving some great pieces scattered on my “spare” bed from previous “outfit-planning” that I just had to pick up this Primark pinstriped high-waisted shorts, tucked in my ever reliable beige tee and pulled in my comfy beige soles. just when I was about to grab my bag and nag my boyf to fly the car, I felt my outfit was too plain. so I grabbed my recently purchased cardi from forever 21 along with a number of bangles, and my favorite red bow ring to style it up a bit.

After bonding with friends, I spent time with my family (blame on them, lol).


We were so into talking about lots of things that time went past us and there goes the silly sun saying “hey, you’re still up? you have plans and appointment later, right? how bout, don’t go to bed and just wait for your boyf to come?” UGH!!!! gotta sleep, even just for another few hours.

Hope you still like my hazy dazy style :)

Have a great sunday everyone! :)


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  1. Such a cute cardi, love it with the shorts & cross necklace