Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Working it Out.

I am so caught in such a haze at the moment. I jump from one task to another. I rarely have time to myself, to my family and I rarely have fun times to spend with the boyf. Most of the times spent with boyf is stuck inside the car amusing ourselves with random things all through the exhausting and heavy traffic. O_O i love long drives. but not the long drive stuck and immobile.

I really have to work things out. Have to juggle tasks for mum and for work and for thy self. Let's just say I am working on papers to assist my plan to leave for the states (ugh. hope i get a visa before november so i can book early and not get pricey tickets).


As promised, here's my first installment on how I "rocked" my cheap finds last weekend, along side my i-wanna-be-stylish-too boyf (he gained weight and since then he kinna got stuck with same old jeans, shirt and sneaks, now he's trying to get outside the box and enjoy fashion with me). Awww-yuck! Cheese-overflow.

Pink top, thrifted. Vest, People are People. Belt, SM Accessories. Local Jeans.

The layering was just perfect for the office's ventilation. But once I stepped out of our building, I knew I had to take it off.

Boyf's version:

That's all for now lovelies.


Now time to check out your stories to tell ;)