Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Monday New Day, Wednesday Free Day

Dexter Litonjua Photography

Wore this to work last monday.

I knew I was going to be very busy that day that's why i didn't bother to gear up head to toe. Darkened my eye shadow for this shoot though. :)

While Monday was busy-desk-task, Tuesday was run here and there for me that's why I chose to keep it simple with loose shirt and leggings which I forgot to capture. Given it's basic-ness, I know you guys get the picture.

I enjoyed Wednesday, though. After going to globe service center, we went past Terranova on our way to the carpark and they were on Renovation sale. Knowing all the knits and cover ups they offer, I gave it a shot, and look at what I got:

Navy blue knitted sweater for only P195.00 ( >/< $4 ) ! Love it! While looking around, I;d always take a second look on the prices written in red, coz they're really low. More like 70-90% off the original price, if not mistaken!! <3

Before this fab find, I was wearing my gray topshop cardi (apologies for not taking a picture). But I was just so happy with my find, I had to wear it right away! <3,
The Photographer's Girl

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