Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jeff Killed Cheens

Some minutes ago, I was gonna blog abt how therapeutic and accessible online "window" shopping was. I managed to make a few purchases and even if I didn't get to buy everything I saw, I know I was fine.

UNTIL I checked solestruck and saw these gorgeously sick plats I'd love to wear...
JC Benched
.. I swear, if only JC was super updated as madden is here in f'lip @___@ my feet would be partying ^____^

Also fell in love with JC El Carmen:
The pink and red polka was cute, but I prefer this version. GAAAAAHHHH!!! Have mercy on my bank account.

Oh for the record, didn't purchase any of the two. Saving for MID Year Super Shopping Spree. ;)


I'll be going on a "roadtrip" with my super friends this weekend --- as in a few hours. If ever I don't get to update on rants, sights and whatnot, it means that our presidential suite-vip treatment (lmaooo) has been compromised by the bad wifi connection (i hope not; i really have high hopes). This experience wouldn't be made possible if it weren't for my friend whose husband works as an exec chef.

Mars Got No WiFi

It's been ages since my last outfit post. Got lazy coz boyf's not around to take my pictures - lame, lame, lame. I know. And I feel bad coz its kind of a let down to those who decided to follow my blog. So, sorry 'bout that. No promises, but will lure myself to get hooked once more. ;) Thanks to Denise's hard push, i'm back to blogging.

Anyhow, I think I managed to get decent photos courtesy of Denise and our coffee dates, strolls and whatnots. So yay! This was dated way back first hits of march when we sort of discussed bout our recent shoot and some future plans. (see denise's for date reference... lmaooo)

Anywayhigwaymyway, keeping this rather short - coz obviously, there's a lot of catching up I hafta make! >.<


Monday, April 4, 2011

Lusting over Jeffrey Campbells

I still haven't satisfied my JC cravings. It's been forever, and now here comes another set to join my long list: Lana & Ford. Saw this on solestruck, and died -___- and i just had to share, else it'll hunt me in my dreams --- shoegasmic dreams. @___@