Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New Friend

So we've completed the first half of 2011's first month roll. I have been going through lots of ups and downs. And so to help me cope with all these, my friends along with my boyfriend's friends helped me list down things I would be doing/trying on my own. It was like seeking growth apart from my partner - which is healthy for our relationship as it would take our maturity a notch higher than just relying too much on each other.

Part of my list was to meet new friends. This was suggested by my boyfriend's friend who said: "why not try meeting new friends or at least try making new ones from old acquaintances." And I was like, "hello, as if I'm not friends with my "acquaintances". And tell me, how the hey am I supposed to meet someone new? I'm not in school anymore, yadah-yadah-yadah."

A week after - who would've thought that this would be the first to be crossed out from the list.

Last Tuesday, Denise and I have finally seen each other face to face. We started to exchange messages regarding collaborations and all that late December. And I never really expected that, from just plain collaboration, I'd find a friend in her. Not that I was all choosy-cat, and was not being friendly, but I just didn't expect that she would gracefully touch my heart.

Denise, apart from having a great balance of style and comfort, is a sweet person. Having done meet-ups for the very first time, I came empty handed. While she came all prepared. I swear, I blushed and flushed from my seat when she handed me a cute bag with a cute notepad, ring, and a sweet note. :)

And yes Denise, I will make it up to you... whether you like it or not ;)

We had dinner at Breton. And excuse the empty plates --- we were so into getting-to-know each other that we both forgot to at least take photos of our meet-up's highlights. She had a sandwich while I had the good old crepe. The dinner was lovely, and I'm glad that she liked her sandwich.

When the day has come to an end, we asked the server to take pictures of us -- and how I wish I just brought my digicam instead of the bulky slr. Kuya waiter, I think, struggled and I totally forgot to adjust the settings, so excuse the crappy lighting.
Anyway, here are some snaps I grabbed from Denise:
just when we said: "kuya whole body"
both in denim and print :P
I opted to dress comfortably in jeans and shirt coz of the girl thing. Added the floral blazer to spice things up a bit. And when I saw Denise in a denim maxi - and striped top, I'm like, "okay, i think I dressed down too much." But I'm glad that wasn't what she saw. *wink*

Denise is really a great person with such an endearing personality.

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Later Loves

Saturday, January 1, 2011