Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back to None

Sogod Cebu.

A totally different experience I crave for once in a while.

Haven't really transferred images in my laptop. Actually, it's just now that I touched my gadget since I got here.

There's so much to do, to experience and to discover than spend time browsing. I think I cannot really immerse myself here in just four days. But what the heck - I'm making the most out of those days. I can do all the browsing I want once I get back in Manila.

So i'm gonna be offline for the next two days, and will definitely make-up for all the back blogs soonest I get back and rolling in Manila.

People here are really nice. Boyf's family, the nicest.

Food? The best so far. Cuisine's simple and not complicated. But the taste is forever divine.

We're off to the city tomorrow morning. Sight seeing, food tasting, people watching, and hopefully shopping. All things said, I better take my ass off of this blog and lull myself to sleep. 7 am is so not in my system and I don't want to miss the chance to see something new.

later my loves.


Friday, October 29, 2010

I’m leaving for Cebu today courtesy of my boyf’s family! SO Yeay! I’m super excited!

The pictures doesn’t really show what I’m wearing for the flight. It’s a sneak peak in to what I’ve been working on the past few weeks – my very own thrift & vintage store. :) I am thinking of International Shipping as well. So keep following as I will be revealing further details in the days to come.

As of yet, clock's still ticking. No signs of our flight! aaaack!!!! My tummy's already crumbling. Starving. Gotta wait. Gotta wait. Gotta land in mother land. Cebu.


PS. Fingers are tightly crossed for continuous web browsing. Lol It's a city, but sometimes networks aren't that bright yet in our "technologically advanced" country. Yes. Sarcasm. Lol

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Classy Mantis

Hello Friends!

I've been out of sight the past week. And I definitely missed looking around and sharing how my day went by. So far, the whole week was nice to me. I spent my long weekend with the fam bam in Tagaytay. We originally went there just to have dinner but brought extra clothes just in case.

As expected, we stayed there for a night. Enjoyed the breeze and quick escape from the busy city. We also figured that since we didn't plan ahead for Halloween, it was better to consider this as our vacay. Short, and near yet very calm and relaxing.

As mentioned, the whole week was nice to me. Things are going my way now. And I love it. I now feel freedom, happiness and ultimate satisfaction in terms of where my career is heading.

Anyway, I'd like to share some of the photos I took in Tagaytay. Most of it are macro shots as boyf is practicing his improv macro skills and he's passing down the knowledge to me.

I've never been that into animals 'til I met my boyf who used to own level 7 scorpions (the smallest and deadliest), pythons, tarantulas and different kinds of fish.
This mantis caught my attention because of it's classic moves. For some reason, its movement is so graceful and I love it!
 The mantis saw an ant and it went for it.

'Til my next post loves!

PS. I'm off to Cebu tomorrow afternoon. I'm hoping that there'll be a connection in where we'll be staying. If none, will try to find a way. I'm addicted like that!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Free like A Kid

How was your day? Mine went great. Tiring but really great.
Today, I woke up really early to go with boyf and drive his aunt to the airport. She's going to Cebu (oh, i'm so jealous), and we might follow this week or next ( yeay! finally, real vacation). Anyway, after

heading to the airport and getting stuck in Saturday morning rush, we headed towards Crossings, Department Store along Quezon Avenue for their Kids' Pre-Halloween Costume Contest and Fashion Show. I did the kids' make-up and can I just say that I missed putting on make-up on other people's face!?! Kids looked gorgeous (with or without make up) in Crossings' Holiday collection! (sorry if it's a bit picture heavy x_X)

 Their collection reminded me of "My Fair Lady" with all the laces and silks, classic cuts and lacey gloves. :)

The gig pretty much explains as to why I am wearing flats with my skirt (despite not being blessed with long legs and towering height). hahaha Kept my look simple and easy to move around. So I really

 felt all easy breezy doing duty ;)

This long weekend's adventure will definitely make me feel free like a kid on a swing with eyes closed making believe that I can fly.

Later loves,
The Photographer's Girl

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photobooth: Nocturnal

I think I was born to live at night and sleep by the day. I am seriously hating this bad sleeping habit that I've developed over the past stressful days, of mine.

Thanks to the typhoon, I'm also stuck with a sore back, and bad flu.
Back to bed now, just wanted to share my ever orange nails in time for Halloween!

Good Morn-ight Lovelies!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Chocolate Wasted

Lately, I found myself leaning towards rich chocolate shades of brown. Yes. Brown is my new black as of the moment.

Last Saturday was chocolatey clothes heaven for me. I bought old and new clothes that really glued a smile on my face.

First, I scored a boho mini dress with rich chocolate brown prints in my thrifting escape that I will be sharing in one of these days.

And since mum insisted that we go check out the MEGA sale in SM Megamall, boyf and I gave in. Who would turn down a shopping spree?

So off to Forever21 we went only to witness ---

a riot in the making with last minute shoppers going for a spin. My imagination went to play just as La Lohan did back in her chic flick movie, Mean Girls, where people started acting like wild animals rawring at one another. Lol.

As expected, I didn’t score any of their marked down items. But the 10% off the price offered to SMAC holders was a great deal already.

My first 30 minutes there was spent walking around, following my mum, and looking at other people scavenging for great deals. I was caught in a haze that mum had to tell me: “Ano ba, are you going to follow me around lang? Bahala ka, this might be the last time I’ll offer you a shopping treat.” Then giggles. Seriously threatened, I went on by myself, and allowed her to look around on her own.
I picked up my own mesh bag, thinking that I will be bagging a lot of things. First round was spent on.. ehm. Looking for boyf. Lol. Seriously, looking for the jacket that boyf wanted. But it wasn’t there already. Or I maybe the clothes rack were all messed up that I missed it. Then I saw this black button down cardigan with patches on the elbow part. It wasn’t on sale, but I gave in. It was perfect for boyf. J Then I saw a knit cropped sweater, and bagged it in. Still, not from the sale rack. I also bagged a white boat-neck mini dress gartered on the waist.

I was feeling tired already. It was hard to look for an item because it was all over the place. It wasn’t the usual printed here, plain there. And just when all hopes seemingly left my shopping spirit, the divine pair of clogs I’ve been looking for was right there before my eyes! And it there were sizes to choose from. Jump Wiggle Wiggle! Yay!
Was pointing to the Biggest bag winner - Mum. While I was left with 2 bags. She went home smiling with 5 bags. Ugh!
Anyway, here’s my casual take on this lovely pair.
Was supposed to pair it with my boho dress, but the weather wasn’t good. Still is not, up to now.
Hope you like it. J

Later Lovelies.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall for Orange

I got tired of my good old wall background, and I wanted something different. Since we were allowed to leave work early, boyf and I decided to take snapshots in the fire exit. I thought the pipes there are colorful - why not!
Okay, I said fall for orange, but please no tripping while going down the stairs. I almost tripped in this photo. Clumsy me. I know. So I tried to look for something safe-err, and posed beside the building's piping still in the fire exit. It's red,  and complements my outfit, so why not. Chos
Boyf and I were laughing our ass off walking to the parking lot coz of our clumsy and mis-"hops" :) Still he had the energy to take these "paparazzi"-ish photos. Lol

He's such a big fan, I know. Hahaha Oh, well!
Have a great night lovelies! :)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mum's Closet: Acid Wash Top

As an only child - as in the only daughter, I grew up most of the time playing dress up with my nang(god mother) or nanny. I'd go and rummage my mum's closet, put it on, grab her heels and glide in it.  But don't get me wrong, I love playing and socializing with other kids too. It just happens that I'm on my own most of the time my parents were away, doing their stuff. Even if dad would be around, of course he's a guy whom i think would be the last person to have interest in dress up and barbies at that time. (but i appreciate each time he gives flattering notes on what I'm wearing nowadays. He's got good taste too. When I can't decide over an item, he's the one I consult or if not it'd be good old boyf substituting.)

 Now that I'm all grown up, I still beg and borrow things from my mum. She's, above all, my fashion inspiration. I'll feature her old photos and recent ones here in my blog soon!
 I didn't feel like wearing any of my clothes, and was too lazy to swim in my bloated closet just to look for something to wear. So I helped myself to mum's spacey and neatly laid out closet and got hold of this acid wash-ish button top. I've been spotting this lovelies on mum couple of times now. Last time I saw her donned this she was wearing it with white cropped jeans and nude wedge. Ugh. Gorgeous. So when I saw it hanging there - i just couldn't resist it.
 Mum's all about matching her shoes and bag. That's what got me wearing my Parisian shoes with my Lulu denim bag.
By now, I think you're asking how many parisians do I own? Well, it's growing. It's a cheap escape to trendy shoes. I'm frugal like that. I have this notion that when going for trend - get the cheap ones and get it in all colors and styles the budget permits (quantity). But for classics and basics, go for the one that endures the test of time (quality).

'til the next post lovelies! :)


Monday, October 11, 2010

London, I Miss You!

It's been really long since the last time I flew out of the country. Bummer. And I'm dying to.
The country that I visited the most is England. And I seriously miss the environment and the culture there. I miss sight-seeing, wandering around, eating in different pubs, drinking, tasting every single thing that's there to experience. Of course, who wouldn't miss the shopping part, right?!

All the drama pretty much explains why I'm wearing a London graphic shirt right now (*sorry if you can't really see the flag detail, but it really is England's flag peaking out from the zip print). No, I didn't get it from England, I actually got it locally - where else, but greenhills tiangge. :P I couldn't find my I <3 London shirt, so this will be fine for now. :)

It should've been more punk-rocker-ish if I wore more of my black cuffs - but I didn't have time to look around my room for it. Next time, I should! But hey, I'm wearing the spikey-est accessory which can substitute for all the studded cuffs and such -- my parisian black MJ's!!! :)
Anyway, right now, I'm in the middle of deciding whether I should go for an associate degree in the States - that'll give me the luxury of time to move around all it's state. It's a pricey decision to make, but it'd be all worth the risk. :)

How bout you, which country you've visited before do you miss the most? And where do you plan to go next?


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hide from the Cratered Ball.

Say hello to my moonglasses! Chos.. Seriously I never pictured myself wearing sunglasses under the moonlight. But today's an exception.

I am currently obsessed with my newly-bought pair of sunglasses that I wore it with my saturday outfit in my late night shoot. I had to.
It is a random vintage brand Clubmasters with metal frame support which I got from Pretty and Perfect Closet at the Dare to Unveil Bazaar in A.Venue Mall (bazaar's 'til tomorrow, Oct. 10, 2010). I also got a pair of clubmaster glasses that's equally vintagorgeous!
Pardon me. I love it too, and I had to wear it somewhere in  between the shoot even if it doesn't really go that well with my look. But hey, the leopard bracket matches my bangles somehow. Excuses. Excuses. Chos!
If you've notcied, my outfit's full of basic elements dressed up with accessories and a beige complement. Just to kill the grayscale-ness of it. :)

To fellow f'lips, have a good night's rest! International friends, have a great day ahead! <333

The Photographer's Girl

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thrift Finds: Gotta love the dresses then some.

Hello fellow bloggers!
Hope your day went fabulastic!
Before I head on what I wore today, allow me to share the long lost thrift finds i've been talking about last week!

I know.. I know.. I've had serious attempts of posting about my thrift finds for the longest time, and I failed. I took a chance right now, and voila! Guess the photo uploader sucked last weekend.
Here are my recent thrift finds - that I haven't worn as of yet. They're all clean and that but I just couldn't think of what to match with what. So they're locked up in my bloated closet for now.
1. Polka-dotted maxi skirt that came with a belt with a silver floral-ish buckle.
1. Yellow Knit Mini Dress with lovely details. 

Closer look at the details.
2. Thailand-ish dress - look at the elephant details! I love it!

I really love the colors and print on this dress!!!
1. Blue Striped Button down with Pink rose detail

2. Japanese Floral Details

3. Vintage Print button down

As for today's outfit, I wore something thrifted (black skort), borrowed (yellow shirt) and bought (white sheer floral top & topshop floral flats).  Have a nice weekend everyone!

That's all for now! Enjoy the rest of the night!