Friday, October 8, 2010

Thrift Finds: Gotta love the dresses then some.

Hello fellow bloggers!
Hope your day went fabulastic!
Before I head on what I wore today, allow me to share the long lost thrift finds i've been talking about last week!

I know.. I know.. I've had serious attempts of posting about my thrift finds for the longest time, and I failed. I took a chance right now, and voila! Guess the photo uploader sucked last weekend.
Here are my recent thrift finds - that I haven't worn as of yet. They're all clean and that but I just couldn't think of what to match with what. So they're locked up in my bloated closet for now.
1. Polka-dotted maxi skirt that came with a belt with a silver floral-ish buckle.
1. Yellow Knit Mini Dress with lovely details. 

Closer look at the details.
2. Thailand-ish dress - look at the elephant details! I love it!

I really love the colors and print on this dress!!!
1. Blue Striped Button down with Pink rose detail

2. Japanese Floral Details

3. Vintage Print button down

As for today's outfit, I wore something thrifted (black skort), borrowed (yellow shirt) and bought (white sheer floral top & topshop floral flats).  Have a nice weekend everyone!

That's all for now! Enjoy the rest of the night!


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