Saturday, October 23, 2010

Free like A Kid

How was your day? Mine went great. Tiring but really great.
Today, I woke up really early to go with boyf and drive his aunt to the airport. She's going to Cebu (oh, i'm so jealous), and we might follow this week or next ( yeay! finally, real vacation). Anyway, after

heading to the airport and getting stuck in Saturday morning rush, we headed towards Crossings, Department Store along Quezon Avenue for their Kids' Pre-Halloween Costume Contest and Fashion Show. I did the kids' make-up and can I just say that I missed putting on make-up on other people's face!?! Kids looked gorgeous (with or without make up) in Crossings' Holiday collection! (sorry if it's a bit picture heavy x_X)

 Their collection reminded me of "My Fair Lady" with all the laces and silks, classic cuts and lacey gloves. :)

The gig pretty much explains as to why I am wearing flats with my skirt (despite not being blessed with long legs and towering height). hahaha Kept my look simple and easy to move around. So I really

 felt all easy breezy doing duty ;)

This long weekend's adventure will definitely make me feel free like a kid on a swing with eyes closed making believe that I can fly.

Later loves,
The Photographer's Girl


  1. your glasses are really cute! where'd you get it? :)


  2. the girls looks so beautiful! the makeup is flawless.

    that bag is fantastic- love the detailing

  3. @nix i got it from Pretty & Perfect's stall in A.Venue's bazaar. here's the link:!/notes.php?id=100001566796029&notes_tab=app_2347471856