Monday, October 11, 2010

London, I Miss You!

It's been really long since the last time I flew out of the country. Bummer. And I'm dying to.
The country that I visited the most is England. And I seriously miss the environment and the culture there. I miss sight-seeing, wandering around, eating in different pubs, drinking, tasting every single thing that's there to experience. Of course, who wouldn't miss the shopping part, right?!

All the drama pretty much explains why I'm wearing a London graphic shirt right now (*sorry if you can't really see the flag detail, but it really is England's flag peaking out from the zip print). No, I didn't get it from England, I actually got it locally - where else, but greenhills tiangge. :P I couldn't find my I <3 London shirt, so this will be fine for now. :)

It should've been more punk-rocker-ish if I wore more of my black cuffs - but I didn't have time to look around my room for it. Next time, I should! But hey, I'm wearing the spikey-est accessory which can substitute for all the studded cuffs and such -- my parisian black MJ's!!! :)
Anyway, right now, I'm in the middle of deciding whether I should go for an associate degree in the States - that'll give me the luxury of time to move around all it's state. It's a pricey decision to make, but it'd be all worth the risk. :)

How bout you, which country you've visited before do you miss the most? And where do you plan to go next?



  1. what i wouldn't give to be in england right now. i've never been there but i know we would get along just fine. :)

  2. I love this dark ensemble! Especially the shoes... ;)
    I'd LOVE to be in Spain right now!