Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back to None

Sogod Cebu.

A totally different experience I crave for once in a while.

Haven't really transferred images in my laptop. Actually, it's just now that I touched my gadget since I got here.

There's so much to do, to experience and to discover than spend time browsing. I think I cannot really immerse myself here in just four days. But what the heck - I'm making the most out of those days. I can do all the browsing I want once I get back in Manila.

So i'm gonna be offline for the next two days, and will definitely make-up for all the back blogs soonest I get back and rolling in Manila.

People here are really nice. Boyf's family, the nicest.

Food? The best so far. Cuisine's simple and not complicated. But the taste is forever divine.

We're off to the city tomorrow morning. Sight seeing, food tasting, people watching, and hopefully shopping. All things said, I better take my ass off of this blog and lull myself to sleep. 7 am is so not in my system and I don't want to miss the chance to see something new.

later my loves.


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