Thursday, October 28, 2010

Classy Mantis

Hello Friends!

I've been out of sight the past week. And I definitely missed looking around and sharing how my day went by. So far, the whole week was nice to me. I spent my long weekend with the fam bam in Tagaytay. We originally went there just to have dinner but brought extra clothes just in case.

As expected, we stayed there for a night. Enjoyed the breeze and quick escape from the busy city. We also figured that since we didn't plan ahead for Halloween, it was better to consider this as our vacay. Short, and near yet very calm and relaxing.

As mentioned, the whole week was nice to me. Things are going my way now. And I love it. I now feel freedom, happiness and ultimate satisfaction in terms of where my career is heading.

Anyway, I'd like to share some of the photos I took in Tagaytay. Most of it are macro shots as boyf is practicing his improv macro skills and he's passing down the knowledge to me.

I've never been that into animals 'til I met my boyf who used to own level 7 scorpions (the smallest and deadliest), pythons, tarantulas and different kinds of fish.
This mantis caught my attention because of it's classic moves. For some reason, its movement is so graceful and I love it!
 The mantis saw an ant and it went for it.

'Til my next post loves!

PS. I'm off to Cebu tomorrow afternoon. I'm hoping that there'll be a connection in where we'll be staying. If none, will try to find a way. I'm addicted like that!