Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Table Cloth

Hello Everyone!

How was your day so far?

Today was rather sunny than gloomy rain-cloud. Chose to wear something within my comfort zone which explains the shorts. :) At first my mum had to laugh at it teasing my as to why i turned our table cloth into a pair of shirts - but then she realized that the fit / structure's nice. And back in her old days, she really was into wide-legged shorts and culottes herself.

Anyway, I paired it with an off white shirt, cinched the waist with a thrifted belt which is kind of giving up on me already, and of course, the most loved thrifted item of the week - my DM's :)

'til next post!

The Photographer's Girl

1 comment:

  1. what an adorable idea! that inspires me to do something similar..especially now that the days are becoming more and more gloomy outside. i need to occupy myself with some arts and crafts!

    p.s. adore that bag