Sunday, October 3, 2010

All About the Boots

Hello everyone!

I've been M.I.A for a couple of days now, and I apologize for that. And I kinda feel sorry that I'm sharing just a little bit more than what's in my chictopia but i'm really pressed for time. (not in the work way, ahuh!) Today's more relaxed than yesterday. Aside from the thrifting (which I will be posting about tomorrow), Saturday was more like the run-the-errands-and-rush-everything-and-go-attend-the-family-friends’-celebration day which explains why i didn't post a thing in my chictopia that day.
For my outfit, I chose to layer more going to the cinema today. We watched Legend of the Guardians and i must say that the animation’s superb!
Photo by Dexter Litonjua©2010
Details were sooooo realistic. I just wish Philippine movie industry would take that kind of leap in film making.
Okay,going back to my outfit, i wore my “new” doc martens.

Its a recent thrifting purchase and I feel like I won the lottery – thanks to the boyf who found it – coz i got it for Php 150 (that's more or less $3)!!!!

The leather has the perfect “worn out” look – and the color is just awesome. So I decided to play around it and paired it with my bazaar find polka-dotted playsuit.
Photo by Dexter Litonjua©2010
It was a good grab too as I bought it for only Php 200 ($ 4). Movie houses here tend to be really chilly that’s why i wore tights under and my favorite bow print cardi over my romper. :)
I like how the look turned out with my boots, I wasn’t in the mood when boyf took this photo, though. lol :) Oh, i’m so in love with this pair of boots and i’m thinking of more ways to style around it – i think I’ll use it as my staple for the entire week (oh, that’d be a great challenge).

'Til next post!!!!

Cheens xx


  1. I love all the different ways girls are bringing their rompers into the cooler weather. I cannot believe you found the boots for $3! Your entire outfit is so adorable.

  2. I love how you paired the polka-dotted pantsuit with brown accessories. Tres chic! And I'm happy you enjoyed the movie! I'm wondering myself if I should watch it.

    sPam of frou-frou

  3. the brown and blue go so well together! I love the worn in look of your lace ups :)

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