Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Stroll

Here's to the Christmas week:
1. Stroll around Eastwood. Had coffee - and here's my baby, tired from all the people greeting her gorgeous. :)
Santa Baby: Barguette in her Mrs. Claus outfit.
2. Nothing new stepping on this wanna-be hollywood walk of fame thing going on in Eastwood. But that moment, I found myself amused by it taking my wildest imagination to play - that I'm actually in hollywood stepping on the tourist attraction, walk-of-fame along with my boyfriend. O_O

 3. Never been as time conscious, 'til now. This is my cheapang watch. Bought it for 200php from Rockwell's early December bazaar. Anyway, I was just trying out my phone's lomo app. And I am amused by it.
 4. Outfit Post:
sleeveless polo - ensembles; mustard crochet dress - fickle; flats - primark'

How was 2010's holiday season break to you? (:

The Photographer's Girl

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Hope you had the greatest time with your loved ones! <3

The Photographer's Girl

Friday, December 24, 2010

Torn Between Two Timezones.

Hello Christmas!

It's the night before Christmas. Yay! I cooked Pesto Pasta and Grilled Steak with Gravy for the fambam. Ugh! Never thought cooking was that stressful.

ANYWAY. After sweating like a pig in the kitchen, I got all dressed up for dinner --- just at our humble home. And this is what I came up with:
Not the typical all red ensemble, i know. I went all basics to highlight the tiniest red detail i'm wearing --- my lips! After the lovely dinner with my Mom, Dad, Aunt, Ninang and house help; after exchanging gifts, hugs and kisses... I went straight up my room, went online and greeted my Baba "Merry Christmas."

Though there are lots of means for us to talk --- skype, facebook, ym, vonage and cellphones, nothing beats seeing him face to face, feeling his warmth through his embrace. But nothing can be done - that's us right now, this will be us for quite a while.

I can't wait to see him again. In person, and relive all events we've missed and what's left to miss. :(

Later loves!

The Photographer's Girl

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Veer Away from Separation Anxiety

It has been days since he left. I feel my life was eaten by a big bug - and I couldn't save myself from it. *sigh* So what better thing to do than practice what he taught me and get better, right? So here's to boredom and a lot of "I miss you!"
a brooch i bought couple of years back
another brooch I found in my messed up closet.
pimped "witty will save the world" planner. hello christmas :/
Earlier, mom and I went to the mall for grocery and here's what I got when I went for a quick store-scan:
This one's a tribal-printed leggings that looks a lot like the one sold in f21. It's cheaper by a hundred. F21's version has a better kind of fabric, though. This, i think, is soooo 70's glam - matched with neon and all that. But for the mean time, I want to look boyish in this on Christmas Eve. :)

Later Loves,
of The Photographer's Girl

Saturday, December 18, 2010

What Little We Could, We Should.

Hi Loves.

Still holding on to my sadness. Ugh! I know that Christmas is fast approaching --- and I've lost the excitement I usually have in me. I guess that's because I know that despite the presence of my beloved parents who are ever supportive and loving, one very important person will not be around.

Then I realized that that would be so selfish of me to think of such things. Coming to think of it, it's his first Christmas to be with his whole fambam. All we've got to do is be a little more patient and sacrifice some more. We've got nothing to lose anyway. We have each other and our vows.

Oh well, Cowell.

Enough Cheena!

After hearing bout the two-day notice. My baba and I decided to scrap off sleep from our to-do list and headed straight to the nearest escape we could go to: Manila EcoPark.

There are lots of activities we could work on there and it'd be more practical as it is just within the city. So that meant more time for us in the evening to meet-and-greet friends. Yeay and dislike! I'm just glad that we'll be meeting with lots of our friends but I just don't like the idea that we're seeing them 'coz we can't be with them together in the days to come. :/

Anyway, with much excitement we brought our slr's all geared up for macro-photography only to realize that we have left the memory cards at home. So enjoy our camera phone shots:
1. He taught me how to ride a bike: EPIC SUCCESS! Who would've thought that a person could learn in one seating? He really is such a great teacher.
expert biker - making me super jealous!

just a few pedals and i'm down.   
2. Long walk, Small Talks: Nothing beats random conversations that blurts out of long walks. Not to mention the little adventure that comes along the way. :)

3. Worst thing that could ever happen? Having to let go for a little while. :( I'll miss you baba!!! :(

all sweaty and sweet.
Your very mushy blogger,
The Photographer's "not so Bubbly" Girl

Friday, December 17, 2010

And He's Leaving.

Disclaimer: this entry is beyond cheesy-ness and romantic drama. please excuse me for a while --- as I allow this sadness to linger and release my frustration.

They broke the news. He's leaving. We will be celebrating Christmas with our families, but gazillion miles away from each other.

The saddest part is that we found out that he's leaving --- two days from now.
I will super miss, my bestest buddy, my bestest love, my "baba"... :'(
So now I really have the right to say: "So many things to do, so little time." So much for Christmas wishes coming true. I'm cynical and I can't do anything about it now. At the very least --- make the most out of our last 48 hours together in each others arms. After that - we'll be virtual partners. oh gosh.

The Photographer's (who is leaving in 58 hours) Girl

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Installment: FUN-Panga Part i

The best part of having great friends is not having to spend millions just to have a great time.

 I was trying to capture my friend and her hubby in the track --- but my images can never stand beside my boyfriend's coz they're just great and mine's novice.
failed attempt to capture Danilo, my friend's hubby a.k.a Chef Dan
they were arguing about cutting each other on the track O_O
dear friend's cardi got ripped by the engine.
More pictures to come!

On Leave, Much?

Oh gosh. I've been gone for too long -- AGAIN.

Lately I just found myself spending the whole day with my boyfriend making the most out of the littlest time left for us before he leaves for the States. sigh sigh. I'm really feeling the song "Christmas won't be the same without you..." now. Oh gosh. sigh.

Anyhooot. Enough with my melodramatic excuse-sss. We just came from Clark, Pampanga. Well it was a round trip planned the last minute. We went with my friend to surprise her husband who manages the kitchen of Oxford Hotel. They only get to see each other twice or thrice a month because of the work's demand and i sort of know how it feels working the distance.

It was like a double date for us. We toured around his kitchen, went karting, and then hit up the mall to freshen up. And sadly, we had to go back to reality.. she had to say buh-bye hubby.

Will be posting pictures a little later -- i'll take a short nap. (:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekend Suicide

This is what I wore to my make-up gig last Saturday. The gig was a success since the group I did took the Grand Prize. :) Expecting the loooong day ahead of me, I decided to wear something really loose and comfy. I wore flats knowing that I'll be standing most of the time bending my back towards the face of my clients. But of course, i kept a pair of platforms in the car just in case boyf decides to go dine and chill after.

 And he did ask that we both reward ourselves from a stressful yet fulfilling day so I changed my flats and wore my ever reliable Parisian wedge - the ulitmate "bugbog-able" shoes.
We had the best burger to date at Murray and D'vine. Winner ang burger. On top of that they do offer guinness!!! My favorite beer! I didn't get to sip on that though 'coz it wasn't available that day. Instead I had cranberry juice along with my Veggie Burger:
never expected veggie
to be that meaty.

Canned, i suppose.

mac /n cheese - nothing that spectacular

love boyf's kobe burger.
Oh, after munching down all these --- boyf and I felt like we're gonna die. And I said, "good thing I wore something loose."

Later Lovelies!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Skirts Can Dance.

Packed weekend but I enjoyed it. Saturday's make-up gig was a blast - my client won the competition! So yay! :) But it was really tiring as I was on my feet from 2pm 'til 9pm.

Today was my good friend's son's Christening. And boyf and I covered the event as part of our gift. (: But all these has nothing to do with what I'm wearing. I'll be posting the photos from all stated in my next post.
 I wore this one last week when boyf and I went on a random date.
I've had this skirt kept inside the closet for quite some time. Never thought it'd look great with a rock DIY sleeveless top as the belt that came with it has a floral buckle.
Boyf told me to play with the skirt but was not in the mood. YET. (shot in my room ---
see the layers of paper used to serve as the backdrop's extension towards the floor? also
please excuse the desk and the uncovered floor :P)
and so i enjoyed doing the twirls.
top - DIY
skirt - thrifted
lace up boots - Parisian

For the mean time if you have some time to spare, please do check out Bestie's blog, "The Capricious Club". She featured me in her Fashionable Friends segment.

The Photographer's Girl

Friday, December 3, 2010

There Goes My Friday Night

Top - Pretty and Perfect Shop; Leggings & Shoes - People 'r People;
Bangles - Accessorize; Necklace - G.Gozum

Quite a day today I must say. Long drives - short stops. Craaaaazy!

I enrolled at A1, Araneta Branch for a refresher class - just coz I really didn't took driving seriously back then. And yeah, the 'rents were a bit hesitant with the idea of me driving 'coz they'd probably see me less often than me having them or someone else drive me. Yeah yeah. Sheltered. But things change -- so yay! Besides, I really hafta learn and practice before I leave for the States.

Anyway. After that we rushed all the way to Cartimar, Pasay. Boyf had to bench in his fish entry before 5pm and the traffic was, as always, terrible. But we made it -- so yay!

Then we drove back to Makati to pick up my mum for a dinner date (she's hangin' out with us just coz dad's away right now). We thought it was gonna be an easy ride since Pasay's just near Makati. But NO. Took us about an hour and a half to get to Ayala. So while we were stuck in bad traffic mum was walking around the mall - ugh! Unfair.

So we ended up eating around 9 and because traffic was still bad. We got home around 11pm and boyf was too tired to drive around and grab a cup of coffee. O_o

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Have a make-up gig tomorrow --- in Makati. Will post photos of the outcome after! Oh, also.. I hope boyf wins a place in the Fighting Fish Charity competition.

The Photographer's Girl