Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekend Suicide

This is what I wore to my make-up gig last Saturday. The gig was a success since the group I did took the Grand Prize. :) Expecting the loooong day ahead of me, I decided to wear something really loose and comfy. I wore flats knowing that I'll be standing most of the time bending my back towards the face of my clients. But of course, i kept a pair of platforms in the car just in case boyf decides to go dine and chill after.

 And he did ask that we both reward ourselves from a stressful yet fulfilling day so I changed my flats and wore my ever reliable Parisian wedge - the ulitmate "bugbog-able" shoes.
We had the best burger to date at Murray and D'vine. Winner ang burger. On top of that they do offer guinness!!! My favorite beer! I didn't get to sip on that though 'coz it wasn't available that day. Instead I had cranberry juice along with my Veggie Burger:
never expected veggie
to be that meaty.

Canned, i suppose.

mac /n cheese - nothing that spectacular

love boyf's kobe burger.
Oh, after munching down all these --- boyf and I felt like we're gonna die. And I said, "good thing I wore something loose."

Later Lovelies!

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