Thursday, December 23, 2010

Veer Away from Separation Anxiety

It has been days since he left. I feel my life was eaten by a big bug - and I couldn't save myself from it. *sigh* So what better thing to do than practice what he taught me and get better, right? So here's to boredom and a lot of "I miss you!"
a brooch i bought couple of years back
another brooch I found in my messed up closet.
pimped "witty will save the world" planner. hello christmas :/
Earlier, mom and I went to the mall for grocery and here's what I got when I went for a quick store-scan:
This one's a tribal-printed leggings that looks a lot like the one sold in f21. It's cheaper by a hundred. F21's version has a better kind of fabric, though. This, i think, is soooo 70's glam - matched with neon and all that. But for the mean time, I want to look boyish in this on Christmas Eve. :)

Later Loves,
of The Photographer's Girl

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