Sunday, December 5, 2010

Skirts Can Dance.

Packed weekend but I enjoyed it. Saturday's make-up gig was a blast - my client won the competition! So yay! :) But it was really tiring as I was on my feet from 2pm 'til 9pm.

Today was my good friend's son's Christening. And boyf and I covered the event as part of our gift. (: But all these has nothing to do with what I'm wearing. I'll be posting the photos from all stated in my next post.
 I wore this one last week when boyf and I went on a random date.
I've had this skirt kept inside the closet for quite some time. Never thought it'd look great with a rock DIY sleeveless top as the belt that came with it has a floral buckle.
Boyf told me to play with the skirt but was not in the mood. YET. (shot in my room ---
see the layers of paper used to serve as the backdrop's extension towards the floor? also
please excuse the desk and the uncovered floor :P)
and so i enjoyed doing the twirls.
top - DIY
skirt - thrifted
lace up boots - Parisian

For the mean time if you have some time to spare, please do check out Bestie's blog, "The Capricious Club". She featured me in her Fashionable Friends segment.

The Photographer's Girl


  1. i absolutely love the twirls. the effect of the skirt is great!:) love your outfit!

  2. love the skirt! hope to see this on your upcoming online shop :)