Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On Leave, Much?

Oh gosh. I've been gone for too long -- AGAIN.

Lately I just found myself spending the whole day with my boyfriend making the most out of the littlest time left for us before he leaves for the States. sigh sigh. I'm really feeling the song "Christmas won't be the same without you..." now. Oh gosh. sigh.

Anyhooot. Enough with my melodramatic excuse-sss. We just came from Clark, Pampanga. Well it was a round trip planned the last minute. We went with my friend to surprise her husband who manages the kitchen of Oxford Hotel. They only get to see each other twice or thrice a month because of the work's demand and i sort of know how it feels working the distance.

It was like a double date for us. We toured around his kitchen, went karting, and then hit up the mall to freshen up. And sadly, we had to go back to reality.. she had to say buh-bye hubby.

Will be posting pictures a little later -- i'll take a short nap. (:

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  1. hey dear! I am thinking of having a collab with you maybe we can exchange digits so we can talk about it. I so like your style and your blog :)