Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Stroll

Here's to the Christmas week:
1. Stroll around Eastwood. Had coffee - and here's my baby, tired from all the people greeting her gorgeous. :)
Santa Baby: Barguette in her Mrs. Claus outfit.
2. Nothing new stepping on this wanna-be hollywood walk of fame thing going on in Eastwood. But that moment, I found myself amused by it taking my wildest imagination to play - that I'm actually in hollywood stepping on the tourist attraction, walk-of-fame along with my boyfriend. O_O

 3. Never been as time conscious, 'til now. This is my cheapang watch. Bought it for 200php from Rockwell's early December bazaar. Anyway, I was just trying out my phone's lomo app. And I am amused by it.
 4. Outfit Post:
sleeveless polo - ensembles; mustard crochet dress - fickle; flats - primark'

How was 2010's holiday season break to you? (:

The Photographer's Girl