Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Smells like Christmas Eve

Today was really ---. Fill in the blank.

I'm finally done with the guestbook and invites of my friend's son, Carlisle. Well actually, the invites were done late last week. And we just rushed the guestbook.
a page from the guestbook. that's carlise - he's only 2 months old, and he weighs 18lbs.
Anyway, it's the 1st of December and Christmas is just 'round the corner. Excuse the cynical tone, but im not that giddy bout it. Boyf's leaving within the month (date still unknown, which to'lly sucks) --- and I'm seriously freakin' out. This isn't the first time he's leaving -- but this will be the first time we'll be away from each other on Christmas eve. He needs to go back there coz his fam bam's there, and he needs to maintain his residency yadah. I'm not being all that selfish-choose-between-me-and-your-fam kind of person now, but sometimes I do really ask my self why things has to be this way. So there goes the sob sob sob.
 Yeah. Cry some more...
...and shrugged it off. Tears won't solve this. I hafta practice lots of patience and just grow and accept the distance. (that'll be hard!!!)

To veer away from all these thoughts I dressed up like an artsy fartsy elf. I'm not really sure if this look's close to what Christmas elves look like --  but that's how I felt in this shirt, vest and shorts. :P
mum's vest, random brand shirt, weekender shorts, bazaar bangles & necklace,
forever 21 clogs

 So this is my mini studio - my room. Excuse the raw wood stuff as it's under renovation. We usually tape white  sheets of cartolina from the wall all the way to where I'm standing to make it look like a seemless backdrop. This time, we decided to drop the studio feel and show my messed up room. Lol. I'm thinking of painting the wall in different shades so i can have options when I'm sick of posing behind a white wall.

Later alligat-er!


  1. Keep your chin up, girl, in no time you guys will be together. In the meantime, there's always skype :-D

  2. i want the vest . *envy* following you already :) hope you could come and visit my blog sometime .

    flying kisses.