Saturday, December 18, 2010

What Little We Could, We Should.

Hi Loves.

Still holding on to my sadness. Ugh! I know that Christmas is fast approaching --- and I've lost the excitement I usually have in me. I guess that's because I know that despite the presence of my beloved parents who are ever supportive and loving, one very important person will not be around.

Then I realized that that would be so selfish of me to think of such things. Coming to think of it, it's his first Christmas to be with his whole fambam. All we've got to do is be a little more patient and sacrifice some more. We've got nothing to lose anyway. We have each other and our vows.

Oh well, Cowell.

Enough Cheena!

After hearing bout the two-day notice. My baba and I decided to scrap off sleep from our to-do list and headed straight to the nearest escape we could go to: Manila EcoPark.

There are lots of activities we could work on there and it'd be more practical as it is just within the city. So that meant more time for us in the evening to meet-and-greet friends. Yeay and dislike! I'm just glad that we'll be meeting with lots of our friends but I just don't like the idea that we're seeing them 'coz we can't be with them together in the days to come. :/

Anyway, with much excitement we brought our slr's all geared up for macro-photography only to realize that we have left the memory cards at home. So enjoy our camera phone shots:
1. He taught me how to ride a bike: EPIC SUCCESS! Who would've thought that a person could learn in one seating? He really is such a great teacher.
expert biker - making me super jealous!

just a few pedals and i'm down.   
2. Long walk, Small Talks: Nothing beats random conversations that blurts out of long walks. Not to mention the little adventure that comes along the way. :)

3. Worst thing that could ever happen? Having to let go for a little while. :( I'll miss you baba!!! :(

all sweaty and sweet.
Your very mushy blogger,
The Photographer's "not so Bubbly" Girl

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