Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mum's Closet: Acid Wash Top

As an only child - as in the only daughter, I grew up most of the time playing dress up with my nang(god mother) or nanny. I'd go and rummage my mum's closet, put it on, grab her heels and glide in it.  But don't get me wrong, I love playing and socializing with other kids too. It just happens that I'm on my own most of the time my parents were away, doing their stuff. Even if dad would be around, of course he's a guy whom i think would be the last person to have interest in dress up and barbies at that time. (but i appreciate each time he gives flattering notes on what I'm wearing nowadays. He's got good taste too. When I can't decide over an item, he's the one I consult or if not it'd be good old boyf substituting.)

 Now that I'm all grown up, I still beg and borrow things from my mum. She's, above all, my fashion inspiration. I'll feature her old photos and recent ones here in my blog soon!
 I didn't feel like wearing any of my clothes, and was too lazy to swim in my bloated closet just to look for something to wear. So I helped myself to mum's spacey and neatly laid out closet and got hold of this acid wash-ish button top. I've been spotting this lovelies on mum couple of times now. Last time I saw her donned this she was wearing it with white cropped jeans and nude wedge. Ugh. Gorgeous. So when I saw it hanging there - i just couldn't resist it.
 Mum's all about matching her shoes and bag. That's what got me wearing my Parisian shoes with my Lulu denim bag.
By now, I think you're asking how many parisians do I own? Well, it's growing. It's a cheap escape to trendy shoes. I'm frugal like that. I have this notion that when going for trend - get the cheap ones and get it in all colors and styles the budget permits (quantity). But for classics and basics, go for the one that endures the test of time (quality).

'til the next post lovelies! :)


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