Monday, October 18, 2010

Chocolate Wasted

Lately, I found myself leaning towards rich chocolate shades of brown. Yes. Brown is my new black as of the moment.

Last Saturday was chocolatey clothes heaven for me. I bought old and new clothes that really glued a smile on my face.

First, I scored a boho mini dress with rich chocolate brown prints in my thrifting escape that I will be sharing in one of these days.

And since mum insisted that we go check out the MEGA sale in SM Megamall, boyf and I gave in. Who would turn down a shopping spree?

So off to Forever21 we went only to witness ---

a riot in the making with last minute shoppers going for a spin. My imagination went to play just as La Lohan did back in her chic flick movie, Mean Girls, where people started acting like wild animals rawring at one another. Lol.

As expected, I didn’t score any of their marked down items. But the 10% off the price offered to SMAC holders was a great deal already.

My first 30 minutes there was spent walking around, following my mum, and looking at other people scavenging for great deals. I was caught in a haze that mum had to tell me: “Ano ba, are you going to follow me around lang? Bahala ka, this might be the last time I’ll offer you a shopping treat.” Then giggles. Seriously threatened, I went on by myself, and allowed her to look around on her own.
I picked up my own mesh bag, thinking that I will be bagging a lot of things. First round was spent on.. ehm. Looking for boyf. Lol. Seriously, looking for the jacket that boyf wanted. But it wasn’t there already. Or I maybe the clothes rack were all messed up that I missed it. Then I saw this black button down cardigan with patches on the elbow part. It wasn’t on sale, but I gave in. It was perfect for boyf. J Then I saw a knit cropped sweater, and bagged it in. Still, not from the sale rack. I also bagged a white boat-neck mini dress gartered on the waist.

I was feeling tired already. It was hard to look for an item because it was all over the place. It wasn’t the usual printed here, plain there. And just when all hopes seemingly left my shopping spirit, the divine pair of clogs I’ve been looking for was right there before my eyes! And it there were sizes to choose from. Jump Wiggle Wiggle! Yay!
Was pointing to the Biggest bag winner - Mum. While I was left with 2 bags. She went home smiling with 5 bags. Ugh!
Anyway, here’s my casual take on this lovely pair.
Was supposed to pair it with my boho dress, but the weather wasn’t good. Still is not, up to now.
Hope you like it. J

Later Lovelies.


  1. GORGEOUS. i loove your shoes so much. and love how you styled it too. always so chic! and love ur casual outfits :).
    <3, KC.

  2. Very cute! And thanks for the comment on chictopia :)


  3. love your new clogs! lucky you. i never get to find the great shoes in f21. they're always get sold out so fast