Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hide from the Cratered Ball.

Say hello to my moonglasses! Chos.. Seriously I never pictured myself wearing sunglasses under the moonlight. But today's an exception.

I am currently obsessed with my newly-bought pair of sunglasses that I wore it with my saturday outfit in my late night shoot. I had to.
It is a random vintage brand Clubmasters with metal frame support which I got from Pretty and Perfect Closet at the Dare to Unveil Bazaar in A.Venue Mall (bazaar's 'til tomorrow, Oct. 10, 2010). I also got a pair of clubmaster glasses that's equally vintagorgeous!
Pardon me. I love it too, and I had to wear it somewhere in  between the shoot even if it doesn't really go that well with my look. But hey, the leopard bracket matches my bangles somehow. Excuses. Excuses. Chos!
If you've notcied, my outfit's full of basic elements dressed up with accessories and a beige complement. Just to kill the grayscale-ness of it. :)

To fellow f'lips, have a good night's rest! International friends, have a great day ahead! <333

The Photographer's Girl


  1. I lovelovelove the basic feel to this outfit. Super chic and adorable at the same time :) I LOVE your shades and glasses. I want a pair just like those. Actually. I have yet to find the perfect pair, but once I do, no longer will I not want to wear mine. Plastic clubmasters ftw! <3