Monday, October 4, 2010

Rudolf, Giddy-YUP!

Hello Everyone! 
Hope your day went super. Mine did :) 
With all the good news I'm receiving the past few days (my package from the US is confirmed to arrive last week of this month, and the business) making me all that giddy, I chose to wear something that reminds me so much of Christmas.
I got this from a thrift store for only $3. I almost dropped it from my cart given its print, but I still went for it.

I'm so in love with it's structure and the print's plain fun and rudolf-ish, haha! I wore it with my leggings, red socks and as promised, this week's staple - my doc marten's. :)
I had to keep it simple given all the tassel and prints going on.

That's all for now!

thephotographer's girl

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  1. I-Shot-It sounds like a great site! I'll be checking it out for sure. Thank you for sharing!