Friday, October 29, 2010

I’m leaving for Cebu today courtesy of my boyf’s family! SO Yeay! I’m super excited!

The pictures doesn’t really show what I’m wearing for the flight. It’s a sneak peak in to what I’ve been working on the past few weeks – my very own thrift & vintage store. :) I am thinking of International Shipping as well. So keep following as I will be revealing further details in the days to come.

As of yet, clock's still ticking. No signs of our flight! aaaack!!!! My tummy's already crumbling. Starving. Gotta wait. Gotta wait. Gotta land in mother land. Cebu.


PS. Fingers are tightly crossed for continuous web browsing. Lol It's a city, but sometimes networks aren't that bright yet in our "technologically advanced" country. Yes. Sarcasm. Lol


  1. Amazing dress!!..I like your look :)

  2. love the look! love the blog! following!;)