Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thrift Finds: Vintage Blouses + Poncho

Thrift shopping is something I super enjoy. And I'm so happy that I now have a thrift shopping bud (the boyf). A lot of people ask where's the best place to go thrift shopping. And personally, I think that every thrift shop in the metro has good finds in it. You just gotta have PATIENCE.

There are a lot of thrift stores in the metro, some big, some small. But most of the time, I rummage for great finds in either cubao (near my home) or makati cinema square (near my workplace). I go for familiarity and proximity given my quite on-the-go lifestyle.

Yesterday, boyf and i found time to visit the one at the corner of EDSA and Kamuning Rd. I planned to score some vintage bags and nice cover ups while boyf wanted to look for polos. Before we go thrift-shopping, we always have a list of items to look for. So that we save time and effort. Bottom-line, we know what we want. Boyf always go for what he really wants, while I always end up going after something else (teehee.. fickle me). Anyway, here's what we scored that day:

1. This one's quite pricey but I couldn't let go of it while sorting the things i just grabbed from the ones i really wanna keep. I got it for Php 180 (approx. $4)

2. These set of padded blouses the SUPER bargain! I got these at three item for Php 10 (approx. 22 cents for the three!) AWESOME, right?

 So yeah. Obviously, I didn't go with what was originally planned. Its just that, I got distracted and found myself scoring more looking for nice tops than vintage bags. I got a poncho and that's counted as a cover up anyway :)

Oh, will post what boyf got in my next post.

Later lovelies <3


  1. i didn't even know there's ukay in makati cinema square! must visit that soon! love the poncho, definitely worth the price :)


  2. the poncho and the first blouse are really to die for! i want a poncho like that!

  3. Nix: yup! found out about it when my colleague and i strolled around looking for a sim card. cinema square had more bazaars than it used to, but when we were just about to go out we went past this ukay, shoes separated from the clothes. there are lots of oversized sweaters and vintage dresses there the last time i checked. (two ukays are there, one inside across booksale, then there's another one outside. entrance facing pasong tamo) :)

    @Mai: thanks! when i got the poncho, i said to myself "hello, santa!" :)

  4. awwwwwwww i should stop gawking around here! lovely finds you have there ^^

  5. i love ur finds, ^^ I love thrifting too! just followed you btw., ^^