Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fishy Satrudays

I'd often plan the whole week on what to do during the weekends. But week's strain would always push me back to bed killing morning and early afternoon's of my Saturdays. I still manage to get things / plans done regardless of the time constraint.

Having said so leads to the fact that yes i didn't wake up in time for lunch, in time to go on a thrifting spree and in time to attend to my dog's health needs (will have these, or some of it scheduled tomorrow and sometime this week :) -- must-shop!!!). The only thing I managed to do is go with Dexyboy to his org's exhibit in Tiendesitas to take photographs of the award-wining betta's :) That being said, I chose to dress down and just pull in my shorts under these oversized jersey shirt from mum's closet (full details in my chictopia post).

shirt from mum's closet; topshop shorts; forever 21 mustard socks and thrifted lace-up boots
this was a candid shot taken while I was getting more conscious of the people looking at me
That's all for now lovelies!

I'm planning to post more on the geek-oh prep series I came up with weeks ago. Still thinking of an ensemble though. :),
The Photographer's Girl

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