Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Graphics and a Graphitea!

Hi there friends! Hope all is well and you all had a great day.

I'm pretty much "busy" juggling a double life. (lol, don't take it as multiple personality disorder, k?!) In the morning, I have to report to work be creative as much as I can, and deliver to my fullest. At night, I have to be the best daughter I can be to my mom, running paper errands for her, along with fulfilling me obligations to my dog, bargie (she's like the baby in our family, yeah i know). With all these, I do most of the paper works and sourcing for my boyf's photography services in between. And the only thing that saves me from all the fuzz is my sacred time in the mall window shopping, fitting, and eventually - shopping. :)

Done with blabber ranting, this is what I wore to work yesterday. Pretty much a casual, comfortable look for everyday.

My top's a polka-dotted sweater/jumper I scored from my recent ukay spree in makati cinema square. It's oversized and I love how versatile it is. I was actually planning to wear it as a dress with a crisp white long-sleeved polo underneath, belted and topped off with red heels. But opted for the i-can-run-around look instead. So here, I am wearing my 2 year old flats that i used to walk around the cities of england. :)
I also wore my favorite red accessories and my camera ring:

Anyway, I've mentioned in my chictopia account that I will be posting some of my humble works. I seriously think that it really isn't that much of an effort specially to those who's life is spent on creating digital spectacle, yet I feel proud that I took the time to start it...and finish it. Your comments will be much appreciated.

1. Photo Enhancing

Photo by Dexter Pat C. Litonjua
2. Layout/s
Layout for DPCL. Photos by Dexter Pat C. Litonjua
Layout for DPCL. Photos by Dexter Pat C. Litonjua
Perspectives Photo Exhibit. Photo by Dexter Pat C. Litonjua

3. Logo/s

4. Vanity (lol)

That's it for now. Those are pieces I worked on years back. My first time to share it online :)

Oh, here's what I wore today:

It was a casual day, but didn't opt for plain shirt and jeans ensemble so here, I decided to wear my graphitee tucked and belted in my culottes. Instead of wearing heels, I went for my long kept corso como diamond collection flats, which I got for 70% off a year ago. I wanted my feet to feel relaxed once in a while. :)

That's all for now! Off to watching tv as I read what you have to share.



  1. awwwwww lovely lovely blog you have here! ^^

  2. love your blog! thanks for the comment :)

  3. I use the same lens for pretty much all my pictures, which is a 50mm f/1.4 lens. I adore it and it was totally worth the expense!

  4. omg! i simply love your blog! i think i`m gonna follow!i can learn a lot from you! you my like my blog, too! trust me, give it a try!


  5. Wow, these are amazing! I love your colorful outfit, too!

  6. fabulous post!! love the photo editing! :) x

  7. Hey girl!
    Just come across your lovely blog, its awesome!
    You have talent! I really like your jumper and you have great stlye.

    You should enter my giveaway!

    Yours, Elizabeth.

  8. i have such a weakness for polka...and i'm so jealous of your top! love the size and the colors...

    wow, you're soo good with your digital art. i wish i can do that as well. as of now, i'm just sitting beside our graphic designer at work and studying what she does..hehe.

    ♥ polka dress GIVEAWAY this way! ♥