Thursday, September 9, 2010

From Ruffles, with Love.

Every time I see ruffled-tops, ruffled dresses and the likes, I'd automatically think of romantic dates - from simple movie & popcorn dates to formal dining. I don't know but there's something that makes me associate it with romance. Maybe its the waves created from tightly gathering the edge of a fabric on one side which becomes a metaphor of "gathering" bits and pieces of oneself and tightly linking it to another - to wit, the dating period. Or maybe I just see a lot of people wearing ruffles, or anything frilly when they go on a date, and that it has become the "standards" to which I associate. (ugh, whatever now) seriously? Maybe.. maybe.. lots.uv maybe's but cannot put into fitting words. *aaack*

Since I've already mentioned and linked, here's what I wore when boyf and I celebrated our 26th LoveMonth going to the movies.

The top's a bazaar find, I just can't remember when and where I bought it. Anyway. It was the first time I brought it out of the closet to fit and see how I can play with it. It has a boat neckline. And I wasn't that comfy-confy that it goes well with my culottes. So I tried wearing its sleeves sideways, and voila - a ruffled one-shoulder top tucked inside my ukay-hit culottes. :)

I brought my handy-dandy black cardi with me (not-shown) knowing how chilly the cinemas could get especially during off-peak times. :)

"it's so fluffy i'm gonna die!!!!!"
wanna watch "the last exorcism" too! x-x bummer!


  1. Gorgeous!!!! The blouse is absolutely gorgeous! I like ruffles too :)

    make sure you check out my latest post!

  2. I love ruffles too, I agree there's something romantic & playful about them.
    Love the top & how you've styled it!

  3. @Dee O.: Thank you! :)

    @Porcelain Complexion: It's easy to make it look romantic, and fun to bring out its playfulness :)

    Thanks for the sweet notes lovelies!