Friday, September 3, 2010

Geek-Oh-Prep: 22 years and counting.

Time flies by so fast. *sigh*

It was just like yesterday when my "biggest" problem was which color of crayon to use, which clothes to put on barbie and more of those sort. And here comes another year, another 3rd of September. It's like the nearer I reach 25, the heavier the load gets on my back. Ugh. Will get there. Will get "there" just in time. *wink wink crosses fingers and trips*

ANYWAY. Enough of the drama.

My day is special. Marks the day when I was born, but unlike my past celebrations, I chose to have a casual dinner with my fam bam and boyf in a place where we can enjoy the company of our ever dearest "baby,"
We strolled around, and instead of shopping for myself at the bazaar, we ended up buying this cute little outfit for Barguette.
I-Can-Fly-like-a-Duck Barguette Shirt
We also saw an uber cool high-cut "converse"-ish shoes for Barguette, but she hates almost everything that touches her paws. 

See, after struggling for bout 15 minutes, was just able to get one on her paw. It could've been cute.

Okay. Down to the outfit of the day. I wasn't really sure what to wear, but I definitely wanted to wear denim shorts. For some reason, I have more pair of shorts than jeans. The weather. The weather.

After my polly-wonderland look, i thought of doing a series of Geek-Preppy-ish looks. It may not be that geek or preppy enough, but it's just a fusion of my style with that of the geek-preppy-ish key details :)

with my baba
with our Barguette
Later loves xxo

Cardi from forever 21
White Inner shirt from hollister
jeans from department store
socks from forever 21
boots, thrifted


  1. totally adore the granny chic sweater! cute pup too!



  2. cute cardigan and love your dog, how fun and cute.
    thanks for your comment on my blog


  3. Happy Birthday dear! You look so adorable and your pooch is just too cute! :)


  4. @ Emma: Thank you, too!

    @ Nix: Aww, thanks for the greet! :)

  5. These photos are ADORABLE!!! And I absolutely LOVE your cardigan and your boots, you look great! :)

    Be sure to check out my latest post!

  6. oh cute boots! <3 thanks for following our blog :)

    <3 Camille

  7. What a cute dog! And you look great!

  8. Thanks Dee, Camille and laura! :)

    Lotsuvlove! <3