Monday, September 27, 2010

For the Lack of Time

Hello Everyone!!! :) Wasn't able to share my look yesterday (didn't get to take pictures of my -long- day). I took my dog to the vet for the yearly check up and grooming, then visited the salon and said hello to a straighter hair-do.

me and my straight hair
Today's the start of the week, and thank goodness i'm all over the tummy aches! On a better note, I think I lost a lil weight over the weekend (hah! not the good way though). Hope Monday madness was kind to all of you. As for me, it wasn't that bad. Actually, it went just right, except for the lack of decent sleep - but glad it's over. I wore something more like my usual friday chic-sneak look. I had to dress up quickest I could coz, yes, I overslept again!

I got this top in all colors I'm comfortable wearing. It's my closet's basic essential. It's more like rich salmon than orange. I just didn't know which color to pick from the default palette (lol).

Anyway, I decided to tuck it in my thrifted culottes, simple thin belt and my plaid Sperry Top Sider Boat shoes (gifted by my boyf).

I was supposed to wear layers of chain necklaces but rather saw the stack of bangles near the exit door of our house, so there. :) Plain and chic.

The shots were taken by my boyf, and we took it along the hallway of my workplace - just the right time when no one's there to see (coz, i get really conscious... lol). After taking decent photos for my blog, we tried to do a couple of jumpshots:

Jumpshots.... FAIL! But had so muchfun!

'til next post!, ThePhotographer'sGirl xx


  1. your outfit is so cute! love the jumpshot

  2. Pretty! First time for me to see your hair down. XD Most of your pictures, you have your hair up. Looks great! Happy your tummy ain't aching anymore.

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  3. cute pictures!
    I love the pink with the blue skirt.