Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back from Stone Age

Hello there friends!!!

I've been gone for too long -  that i feel like i'm blogging for the first time. There are so many things to catch up from everyone I follow.

Oh I MISSED the blogging world so much!

As for the brief hiatus -- i've been all sick, and busy with photoshoots left and right with of course, the boyf. Included in our shoot was my collection where it's online launch has been put on hold due to all the things i have to juggle. :) So instead of giving you a specific date of when's it coming out - i just gotta tell you to really watch out for it coz things are now cooking fast!!! :) Clothes on a model and detailed shot were already taken. Editing is actually done already. The site's running - but going under some minor design re-construction. So gear up your facebook and multiply pages :)

Here's a teaser for you:
 Pixelated - i know! :) So please do watch out for it!
On to my latest outfit post:
 Here I'm wearing my newly acquired wedges which I love to bits. Yes, it's from parisian - and I got it discounted after the fashionweek. :) There's also another one that I bought that kind of looks like a JC rip off. I'm still dreaming of slipping my feet inside a JC and an ACNE pair though.
 I wore this last weekend for my make-up gig. It was for the Barbie Fairytale Fashion Show. I love doing kids' make-up. It's both challenging and fun. :) Oh, I'm also wearing the UK flag tee once again.
 Manila's weather has been acting up since, so instead of wearing mini's (which makes my legs prone from getting wet) i went for my ever trusted leggings. And then I added my sleeveless coat with lovely button details for warmth - and just to save my grace coz the shirt's almost see through when wet. :)
Anyway, I am hoping that this week, i'll have more time to blog and post as I used to.

Later alligat-errrr. Lotsoflove,
The Photographer's Girl

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