Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Love the Way You ---

And so I'm keeping it real -- i don't want to be detached from my blog anymore. I swear. It feels so much better to let go of what happened and to release some creative may it be in the manner of my rapid typing or such.

This one's a quick post.

I'm so in love with how these wedges fit that I've been wearing them pretty much everyday - since I got 'em. This time, i tried it with my shorts and loose fitting shirt when we brought our dog to Tiende.
 She got her doze of Christmas shopping, while I ended up with -- nothing. Guess it's Barguette's turn to do some shopping. :)

We had dinner there - and I am Oh-So-Full. Thanks to the loose fit, my bloated tummy's not showing.

Later folks. Have an early appointment tomorrow. HINT: Invitations - watchatink?

1 comment:

  1. aww your puppy is so adorable!! so cute. i loove your wedges girl, soo chic!!

    <3, Kathleen.