Monday, November 8, 2010

I Like it Long and Dark

Hello Everyone!

It's been friggin' long! I know! I missed blogger and chictopia!

I'm still very busy fixing papers left and right (yes you heard it right, we're planning to leave for Cali next year so we have to rush everything). Not to mention squeezing in international license application. Thanks to AAP's assistance. Also, I've been very busy prepping for -----, my vintage store. Promise to reveal full details by this week. :) Yep! You saw it right. THIS week! So to locals, and internationals watch out for it! :)

Anyway. Went christmas shopping for my pup last weekend. Since she was in her favorite jumpsuit, I 

decided to put on my fave trend as of the moment - Maxi Skirts.

That's all for now. Have an early appointment tomorrow - that I cannot miss! :)

The Photographer's Girl - ficklishCheens


  1. love the maxi skirt! your pup is so adorable! :)


  2. cute photos! and good luck with your store!